Friday, June 26, 2009

Manti Pageant 09

A Day Long Adventure

We decided to make a day out of going to the Manti Pageant, which Sarah and I haven't attended since we were engaged 8 years ago! We stopped for lunch in American Fork at a fast food chain that had a large indoor play area - which the girls loved! We then visited the BYU campus for some bowling, browsing the bookstore, and reminiscing. We made it to Manti in time for some dinner at a local Ward building, then headed over to the pageant at the base of the temple. The girls had fun taking pictures with cast members and talking to anyone who dared to sit next to us. We left about an hour into the two hour performance, not because Audrey and Kate weren't entertained - they were fascinated and entranced; but the rain became unbearable and Isaac was fussy. We made it home just after 1 AM. It was a long day, but hopefully one the kids will have fond memories of.

Bowling in the Wilk.

This is the classroom in the Wilkinson Center where Sarah and I met. It was the most embarassing class I took (Elementary Rhythm & Dance)! We still disagree about the circumstances surrounding our meeting (who was flirting with whom), but enjoyed showing the girls this special place.

Touring campus

Audrey & Kate and some cast members

The Manti Temple all lit up just before the pageant began.

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