Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easter 2013

That Darn Rabbit!

Here are the kids' spoils for this year!  More importantly we continue to try to teach them the importance of the Savior's Atonement and Resurrection as the reason we truly celebrate Easter.

Charles & Spring's Wedding


Our good friend Charles was married to Spring on March 30 @ This is the Place Heritage Park.  We're very happy for them and wish them all the best!

Injury By iPad

Warning Label Needed?

Who knew reading from your iPad could be so dangerous?  It simply slipped from my hands and smacked me dead center in my forehead.  The kids took quick action.  Kate cleaned the wound, Audrey got a Band Aid and then bandaged my head, and Isaac held me close.  Love my little helpers!

Enjoying Anonymity Before The Fame

NBC's The Voice Contestant, Ryan Innes

Ryan tweeted that he'd be playing solo @ City Creek Mall one evening, so we went down to enjoy his soulful melodies.  This was just a few short weeks before his rise to fame as a contest on one of our new favorite shows, The Voice.  Obviously we're rooting for this bearded guy!


Our Little Smeagol

I believe we've mentioned this before, but especially in the mornings, you'll find Isaac perched like this somewhere in the dining room or kitchen.  "My precious!"

Vaulting @ Davis High

Go Dane!

I finally made it to a meet to watch my lil' braddah vault, this being his senior year.  He placed third and made us proud.  (My apologies to my dad, who actually reads this blog.  The video I took of Dane vaulting was one he faulted on, so I've decided not to post it).

Nasty St. Patrick's Day Prank!

Those Crazy Leprechauns!

This is what the kids found on St. Patrick Day morning.  They were slightly disgusted by it.  We all had a good laugh! ;)