Monday, June 22, 2009

June 21, 2009

My Birthday/Father's Day

We were invited down to Auntie Lily and Uncle Dale's in Highland for a family gathering. Jimmy and family were in town, from Hawaii, because Aaron is entering the MTC this upcoming week - he's been called to serve a Mission in Mesa, Arizona. There was lots of good food, plenty to talk story about, and an abundance of kids running around to keep us all busy. Luckily I was able to celebrate my birthday and Father's Day together with family and I greatly appreciate the love and well wishes from everyone!

Here's the family, all of us, ready to blow the candles out on my birthday cake - thanks for the help girls! (Thanks to Steve for taking these pictures!)

Isaac and Hattie (who's a month younger than Isaac) playing on the floor together.

And the BIG reason we were all gathered together today! God bless, Aaron - We love you folks (Jimmy, Lynne, Dara, & Aaron)!

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