Monday, June 29, 2009

A Pair of Firsts

Kate's ER Visit & Isaac Finally Gets into his Crib

So, Sarah took the girls to a birthday party on Saturday in which Kate sustained a rather large gash that required stitches and her first trip to the Emergency Room. Sarah had placed Kate in the middle on the see-saw style glider of the swingset. There were older and larger children on each end and an adult was pushing. Kate ended up losing her grip and careening head first into a wooden post, dead smack in the middle of her forehead! We rushed her up to the ER (around 7:30 PM) where she and Sarah spent the next five and a half hours! Apparently the bump on her head also affected her personality. My daughter who is generally shy in public, gabbed and entertained everyone in the waiting room throughout the duration of their stay. I picked them up and we arrived home around 1:30 AM. Unfortunately, the medication they gave Kate made her hyper and I stayed up with her until about 4 AM. A very late night, pretty traumatic for both Kate and Sarah, and exhausting for the entire family. We are, however, very relieved that Kate is okay.

Saturday morning we cleaned and cleared out Isaac's room and finally got around to setting up his crib. While it seems as though it may take a little getting used to, we're happy that he now has a proper place to sleep.

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