Monday, March 30, 2009

Jazz Game with the Girls

Jazz vs. Knicks

I was able to take the girls with me to the Jazz game this evening. They were very excited to go. We were fortunate and arrived in time for the pre-game give-away, so the girls both have new calculators. I was able to point out Thurl Bailey to Audrey. He plays Goliath in a movie we have that Audrey watches every Sunday. She wanted to go over and take a picture with him, but they were in the middle of their broadcast. We then went to take our picture, a game night tradition (I'll post it later), and ran into this guy, who made balloon animals for the girls.

I brought binoculars to the game for the first time and Audrey thought that they were pretty special. Check out her reaction after having just looked through them for the first time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch any of Kate's dancing with my camera, but it was a hoot!

The Jazz were up by 21 when we left at half time, lost the lead in the 4th quarter, but managed to squeak out a win (I was able to watch most of the second half from home).

On the way back to the car Kate cracked me up by running the entire time. She kept telling me that she was going to "win" Audrey. Apparently in her mind the race was on! I had a nice night out with my girls and even bought them some ice cream on the way home.

Audrey and Kate's balloon fight.

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