Friday, September 3, 2010

Trafalga - Lehi

"Pass of All Passes"

What can I say? I love the flexibility of my new job and being able to spend time with my family! We decided, after a half day at work, to go to Lehi and check out Trafalga. It was mostly empty and several members of the staff offered to operate any ride or activity of our choosing. Let's just say with small crowds, young staff, and few rules, everyone had an enjoyable outing!

Sarah soaked after the bumper boat ride!
Laser Tag
This was just after team Kelly took second place - "What?!"
Audrey's attempt at climbing, with a little help from Mom.
Isaac's favorite activity - the automatic faucet in the bathroom!
Isaac's meltdown
The way this ride bounced would have made me SICK!
Final ride of the day!

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