Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Evening in Evanston

Church, Dinner, Shed, & Sour Spray

We enjoyed a Sunday evening in Evanston with Mom, Dad, Dane, Mandy, Nate, & Emma. A good portion of the time was spent cleaning the remaining stuff I had out of my parents' shed (after graduating from high school 16 years ago and having been married now for 9 years). We love you folks and appreciate the time we're able to spend together as family.

Mandy bought Audrey some sour spray candy - Look at your attention to detail Auntie! Notice our reactions as we sprayed it under our tongues. Kate was probably the toughest and we'll just let you guess as to who had the biggest reaction!

All three kids, especially Kate & Isaac, couldn't get enough of this candy. I believe they finished off the bottle before leaving Grandma & Grandpa Kelly's house!

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