Sunday, October 4, 2009

Angels Landing


I have to thank Uncle Bob for making the recommendation to hike Angel's Landing. Since we didn't have the time, or someone to watch the kids during our July visit, this trip has been months in planning and I've been in high anticipation to take on the challenge of this particular hike.

One of Zion National Park's construction wonders, this trail was cut into solid rock in 1926. The 1.9 mile trail to Scout Lookout is paved, though steep - it climbs 1,ooo feet. The route to Angel's Landing is more rugged, adding .5 mile and another 500 feet in elevation to the hike.

I was joined by my friends Paul, Charles, and his daughter Morganne. They were very patient with me - I was by far in the worst shape! And I appreciated the opportunity to have company on this incredible journey. Definitely another of those life experiences that I can check off of my "bucket list" (see our Redwood post from last August).


Jason and Kate said...

I love that hike...especially when you get to grip the chains so you don't fall off. :)

rround said...

Wow John, pretty impressive. I would have never made it...pretty awesome views...Congrats on your next item on your bucket list...what's next? Wanna go sky diving?

Dad Round