Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zion National Park

Utah's First National Park

Who would have thought that after spending a (large) portion of my youth growing up in the desert that I would have found myself so utterly amazed by one several years later. With three small children we weren't able to experience as much as we would've liked, but our first family visit gave us a brief overview of the beauty found in these looming and colorful sandstone cliffs. We rode the bus to the end of the park and made several stops on the way back. Again, the girls weren't nearly as impressed and humbled as Sarah and I were (as Audrey put it her favorite part was getting her feet wet in a stream while finding tadpoles), but now that we've been we plan to go back and explore some more (I hope to hike Angel's Landing early this fall). Here's our day in the park, told by photos, from start to finish (probably Kate's favorite part - the ice cream sandwich).

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