Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Greenshow

Utah Shakespearean Festival

If you've never been to the Festival, and we hadn't until tonight, they offer a free show each evening before the productions, out in the courtyard, next to the theatre on the campus of Southern Utah. All the performers (and vendors) are dressed in the manner of Shakespeare's day. The performance includes songs, dance, and skits. The girls took great pleasure in attending the Greenshow as well as Sarah and I (Isaac was a little fussy by the end).

The girls and a friendly vendor (who used a forced British accent).

The performers singing and dancing.

Mind reading skit

Audrey was particularly fond of the male performer in red.

Isaac playing with his toys.

Mom & the girls

Dad & Isaac (and "Yes!" I think he meant to wink.)

Festival of Fools (taken with my new Flip camera).

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