Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Misfortune Continues

What a Week!

The bad karma continued today. After dropping Audrey off at school this morning I was hit by a driver who was not paying attention. I had just pulled back onto the road and noticed from the corner of my eye that a car was pulling away from the curb on the opposite side of the street while making a U-turn. I sped up and swerved, almost to the other side of the street, to avoid a collision, but to no avail. Contact was made behind my rear tire, just below my gas tank. After waiting an hour for the police to arrive and sort out the situation, which almost made me miss my class' field trip to the Art Museum, I made it to work. Just after I arrived, the officer who'd responded to the call phoned me. He was calling to confirm that the other driver did not in fact have insurance. Therefore "the Black Stallion" will not be getting fixed and has only added a battle wound to its character. Check out the damage below.

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