Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kate Sticks a Bead Up Her Nose

A Trip to the Doctor

Sarah called me at working during recess this afternoon and related the following account. She had had Kate lay down in our room for her nap and thought that she had fallen asleep. Kate came out, after being in the room for some time and told Sarah, "My nose!" Sarah asked if she was stuffy and took her into the bathroom to clean out her nose. After swabbing it with a Q-Tip Kate continued to complain. Upon further inspection Sarah noticed that there was something blue and shiny lodged up inside her nose. Sarah then asked, "Did you put something in your nose?" To which Kate replied, "Yes." Sarah responded, "Did you put a bead in your nose?" To which Kate again answered, "Yes." This sent Sarah into panic mode.

Luckily Sarah was able to schedule an immediate appointment with a doctor at the clinic we frequent. The doctor plugged her clear nostril and Sarah had to blow into Kate's mouth. The first time dislodged the bead. The second time Kate closed her mouth, rendering it ineffective. On the third attempt, Kate tried to block Sarah with her hands while screaming, "Never! Never!" Snot sprayed, all over Sarah, and the doctor was then able to remove the bead with a scooper. Kate had been letting loose with blood-curdling cries, but once the bead was removed and she was offered a sucker calmed right down.

This is our second stressful event in the past two days - the other being a leaky pipe that we were fortunate to discover before going to bed, probably preventing a flooded basement. We're grateful that everything ended well. Hopefully the rest of the week will be less eventful and in turn cost less.

Kate's Account

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