Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Second Santa Sighting of the Week

Our Ward Christmas Party (December 13)

The girls spent the majority of their time climbing around under the tables and running around the cultural hall rather than eating. Audrey seemed to be the ring leader of the older kids and Kate managed to wander away anytime we weren't paying attention. To say the least, they kept us on our toes all night.

We had two family participants in talent show this year. Sarah (8 months pregnant) busted out with the juggling.

Audrey took part in a skit and danced to a song.

Here was our second sighting of Santa in just four days time. Audrey was excited once again!

This photo with Santa turned out a little better - if we could've gotten Kate to just look.

Lucky girls! Two Santa sightings in less than a week! Their enthusiasm has gotten our family very excited to celebrate Christmas this year.

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