Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Singing to Sarah!

Parabens Pra' Voce! (Translation from Portuguese, "Happy Birthday to You!")

We took Sarah to Tucano's (Brazilian BBQ) to celebrate her birthday.  This just happened to be merely the kick off event on Friday!  I had payed for cooking classes on Saturday, but the place ended up canceling (which added a little stress).  Instead we went to see the movie Lincoln (Excellent flick, go see it!), had a sushi lunch w/ Steve & Erin, & went w/ some friends to the Laughing Stock Comedy Improv!  And Monday (her actual birthday), we took Sarah our for ice cream!  Despite a weekend of activities, these were the only pictures I took (sad)!

This was my Facebook post to her: "Happy Birthday to my beautiful, intelligent, creative, talented, & FUNNY (Yes, I said it!) wife! I LOVE YOU, Sarah!"

I am so grateful to have such an AMAZING wife!

Here's the video from Tucano's & Sarah being serenaded!

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