Monday, November 5, 2012

Back For More!

Trick-or-Treating E-Town Style 2012

We love trick-or-treating in Evanston!  They close down the downtown and all of the businesses hand out candy.  You get to see most of the town.  My favorite part is that it starts at 3:30 PM.  Yep, I prefer the daylight.  Oh, and we also get to hang out w/ Auntie Mandy, Uncle Nate, Emma, and Michael + Grandma & Grandpa Kelly = BONUS!  And I have to add that this year the weather was PERFECT (mid 60s, NO breeze)!

Audrey was Cleopatra this year!

Kate was Cleopatra's Daughter (the girls came up w/ this, to distinguish between the two).  Sarah made their outfits.

Isaac was excited out-of-his-mind to be a Punch Out boxer (his video game obsession)!  He kept mumbling to himself, "I'm Punch Out!"

Michael was Boots.

Emma was a scary witch.

I know Mandy thinks she's showing, but as you can see from this photo, you can barely tell she's pregnant!

A rare group shot!

We'll most likely be back next year Evingston (Utahn's pronunciation, NOT mine).

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