Saturday, October 29, 2011

Presenter Pride


I was proud to be a presenter @ the first annual SUECON (Southern Utah Educators Conference), in St. George. It's always a pleasure to represent the SLCSD. The paradox shift I encountered this year was knowing most of the presenters from around the state (my Ed Tech counterparts), but NOT knowing any teachers.

Jaime Casap, the Google Education Evangelist, was my favorite keynote speaker. I was actually invited to a dinner with him by the UCET board and UEN. Didn't sit @ his table or speak w/ him, but was there!

Coolest thing, other than presenting, was eating @ the Anasazi Steakhouse. They heat these stones to about 700 degrees Fahrenheit, and slap your meat order on it. You have to eat fast, so that it doesn't burn. It was delicious!

A BIG thanks to my Uncle Bob & Aunt Jody for giving me a place to stay! I appreciate your hospitality! Love you folks!

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Shauntelle said...

That's awesome you were able to present there! My mom said you were able to drop in and visit for a little while a couple of weeks ago, and she was telling me about how important your job is. She said you may not admit it, but that she thinks it's very important. :) Anyway, hope you're enjoying your job!