Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Golden Arches

Quite the Adventure!

Mike accompanied me to Rio Mesa this go around, but before heading to the U's remote research site, we spent the afternoon hiking around Arches National Park. Incredible sandstone land forms that I look forward to sharing w/ my family (sometime in the near future)!

Skyline Arch
Landscape Arch
Mikey @ The Devil's Playground
The Garden of Eden

The interesting (or stressful, depending on who you are) part of the adventure was after arriving @ Rio Mesa, my truck wouldn't start. We spent a 90 degree Saturday outdoors, finding randomly selected waypoints, & counting onions for the U's archeology professors. Those aforementioned professors were able to rig my truck's throttle the next morning, & we were able to return to SLC. Definitely one of those CRAZY memorable experiences!

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