Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Mull

Meeting the Author

After attending the Book Launch Party, we were excited to meet Brandon Mull in person. Waiting in line took longer than I expected, but being at a Costco, we were able to pacify the kids with smoothies & pizza.

On the way over, Audrey lost her second tooth in the car.
She wanted to show & tell everyone & anyone who would listen!
Richard Paul Evans, & his wife & kids, were just a few steps away from us in line. It was funny to see one well-known author having another well-known author autograph some books.
Brandon was very personable and took time to chat, sign everything you put in front of him, & pose for pictures!
Thanks Brandon!
Brandon Mull's signature (on my iPad).

Meeting Mull (Part 1) - I accidentally stopped the video!

Meeting Mull (Part 2)

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