Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Octogenarian

Highlights from Grandma Smith's Surprise 80th Birthday Party!

We were excited to attend Sarah's grandmother's 80th birthday surprise party in Blackfoot, Idaho. A good majority of the extended family was in attendance. We're all very grateful for Lena and the loving example she is and has been over the years. Our thanks goes out to Jana for hosting & preparing this extraordinary event!

Several of the great-grandchildren held up letters that spelled out "Happy Birthday."
Kate was the letter "R"
This is the only way Isaac was content to not run up & down the street
Yummy food!
Everyone shared their favorite memories of Grandma Smith.
The guest of honor.
We LOVE you Lena!

Grandma Smith arrives to a welcome from several of her great-grandchildren.

Sarah Shares Some of Rod's Memories

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma Smith!

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