Saturday, September 25, 2010

Isaac Saiji & Saiji Elliot

Representin' Grandpa Zakimi!

These two second cousins are both great grandchildren of Saiji Zakimi, my beloved grandfather. We're proud to honor him and show our respect, admiration, & love by having named our son after him (& I know Rene feels the same way).

We enjoyed watching Saiji (Elliot) this afternoon and having the opportunity to get to know his easy-going, happy demeanor. Hopefully these two will have many future encounters, & become good friends (sharing more than just their great grandfather's name).

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Anthony and Rene said...

Diddo to what you said about Gpa! I too hope Saiji and Isaac can be great friends!!!! Thanks again for saving the day and watching Saiji. I know he loved it over there. Also it was so great to hang out with you guys. We should do it more often