Monday, December 14, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Date

Jazz vs. Timberwolves

Audrey accompanied me to the Jazz game tonight as my date. We only stayed until halftime (because it's a school night), but I enjoyed teaching her the basics of basketball, and her gaining a better understanding of what was actually going on during the game (e.g. - three point line, free throws, shot clock, scoreboard, favorite players). She was extremely well mannered and made several well intentioned comments throughout the evening - "Dad, I'm glad you brought me to the game, but it sure would be neat to sit closer." Later, "I just like number eight (Deron Williams) because he's your favorite player." And as we were leaving, "Dad, I know you didn't, but when we come again, could you bring the binoculars so that I can see what's going on better." I love you Audrey! Thanks for being my date tonight!

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