Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sarah Turns 30!

The Big 3-0!

Well for me, Sarah's birthday was a bit of a let down. I was all prepared, a month in advance, to spoil and surprise her on her 30th birthday, but pneumonia had to step in and ruin everything (okay, almost everything - I'm being dramatic here)! I had planned to take her out to a delicious dinner of Asian cuisine, then off to the Hale Center Theatre for the play Curtains, and afterward surprise her with the iPod Touch I'd bought - all unperceived by the birthday girl! Instead I had to divulge, the night before, what we were doing to see if she could muster up the strength to go out. In the morning, when the kids woke up, I had them hand deliver the play tickets and the iPod. And while we didn't make it out to dinner, we thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hour long play. I know Sarah appreciated her presents, but the way I imagined it, would've been much more clever and romantic (sorry Honey).

I'd also planned on having several friends surprise her the following day with cake and singing - again a bust! We settled for the immediate family and Grandma Round (whom we greatly appreciate making the trip out from Sacramento to help us out in our time of need!). The girls were excited about the candles. Isaac, who continues teething (when will it end?), was a bit of a crank!

Again, we love you Sarah and wish we could've made the day even more special. Happy 30th!

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Chris and Kat said...

oh you are such a romantic!
Darn sickness.
Happy birthday, Sarah