Saturday, October 24, 2009

Isaac @ 8 Months

Quickly Becoming a Little Boy!

So, I'm admittedly frustrated with myself because I had video footage that went with these photos and was planning to put together a short iMovie. In my haste to put together a new project I deleted it from my Flip camera.

Isaac is growing up and learning many new things. He bounces like a mad man in in his jumper and continues this motion when held upright and when nursing! Sarah went out and bought him a high chair so he's now enjoying eating with the family in his own seat at the dining room table. He's acquired a taste for "real" food and doesn't care much for baby food. He's still doing his crawling "army style", but the kid sure can get somewhere in a hurry when he wants to. And while we're enjoying all the new feats he's figuring out, we also are taking the time to just enjoy him as our current "baby" of the family. No need to hurry with this growing up business son!

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