Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Bad Case of Croup

Later That Evening...

So, after Audrey's birthday party we were getting the kids ready for bed and Isaac started to fuss. That was when Sarah noticed that he was having difficulties catching his breath. After trying a few home remedies, without success, Sarah took him to the Emergency Room at Primary Children's Hospital close to midnight. He got worse as the evening progressed and was diagnosed with a very bad case of croup. After giving him a steroid to open up the breathing in his chest and some Epinephrine he calmed down and fell asleep (around 3 AM). The doctor kept him for the rest of the night for observation, due to Isaac's labored breathing. Sarah came home just after 7 AM to get Audrey off to her first day of school, find someone to watch Kate, and then headed back to the hospital. They released Isaac at 10:30 AM and he's been fussy and tired but sounds much better than he did last night. While this put a damper on our 8th anniversary and we had to cancel our much anticipated dinner plans, we're very grateful that our little boy is home and well. I'm also thankful for Sarah and her role as "Super Mom", managing to keep our little family going even after an evening of little to no sleep and severe duress.

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