Monday, July 20, 2009

Highlights from the Smith Family Reunion

July 17-19, 2009

We arrived at camp (Table Rock) late Friday evening, due to Kate's vomitting episode the night before. Sarah, along with co-writer Jenny, penned a rap for the Smith sisters (plus LeAnn) who were once again the highlight of the talent show!

Carter also enjoyed his share in the lime light of the talent show and bowed graciously to the camp's applause.

Sarah was determined, out of respect and recognition to Grandpa Smith, to contribute a piece of woodwork to the family auction. Sheryl and Rod's painting and frame are on top and Sarah's mirror is below - I was impressed with her work and I'm hoping she'll get around to making one for our house soon.

Rod and Sheryl anxiously awaiting the auction.

The girls enjoying their spoils from the auction (plastic toy mermaids).

This is the hill where all the kids love to disappear to.

Clayton brought up his trampoline and allowed anyone who wanted a turn to display their physical prowess. Kate was the only one brave enough to try it in our immediate family (see her video below).

Me, posing for the camera. I love having my picture taken!

Rod's second annual picture slide show. This one had several images dating back to the very early years of the Smith Family Reunion. He also added several flattering (or rather less than) shots of both Sarah and Jenny (unfortunately, Sarah missed most of them because she kept falling asleep). We're expecting our copy of the DVD in the mail any day now.

Some early morning shots of the kids as they woke up the last day of camping.

A couple of the cousins posing for a quick photo opt.

Mom & Dad Round and their entire family (kids, in-laws, and grandchildren) ... currently.

The mandatory "silly" photo.

Audrey decided to drive back with Jenny, so Kate had her turn driving us up the road this year.

Minus a few scratches from one of the dogs (to Kate's arms), us forgetting to spray down the kids the final night (hence their numerous bug bites), and one poor night of sleep (Isaac's fault) this was a great year for us at the reunion. We look forward to making continued memories and strengthening family bonds in the upcoming years.

Kate's trampoline experience

Isaac laughing at his cousins (James & Jackson).

Smith Sisters Rap (written by Sarah & Jenny)

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