Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kate's Goose Egg & the Rollercoaster

The End of a Long Day

After finishing our "mini" road trip I was determined to get the lawn mowed. The kids were riding their bikes out on the sidewalk when apparently Kate fell from hers and landed on her head. Unfortunately, she had slipped in the kitchen the night before, while throwing a fit (with company over!), and managed to hit the same exact spot! Poor kid - a lump on top of a lump!

After taking care of Kate's lump Sarah got out the rollercoaster, which has been stashed in the basement for the past year (ever since we started using it as a family room and not the kids' rec. room - and what a wreck it was!). Here's some footage Sarah took of the girls gettin' their ride on!

Audrey's Turn

Kate's Turn

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