Sunday, March 22, 2009

Super Saturday

Soccer & the Park

We had an entertaining and enjoyable day arranged. Audrey had her first soccer game this Saturday. This year her team's name is the Bees and she has four other girls playing with her, including one from her Kindergarten class. She's also much more excited and motivated and although she's at the tail end of a cold, participated with much more vigor than she did last year. Here are some of the pictures from her game.

Pre-game meet and greet

Warm ups

Half time, Audrey next to her coach.

Bee's team cheer

Isaac just chillin' at the game in his car seat.

Mom, Kate, & Isaac

Dad & Audrey - Proud of her valiant effort.

Then we got lunch and headed to a newly renovated park that Andrae ("Thanks Dre") had suggested. The girls had an enormous amount of fun testing the equipment and making friends.

Kate loving the swing set.

Audrey showing off her climbing skills on the second level of the playground equipment.

The girls playing together.

Check out the size of this thing!

Audrey's team cheer.

Kate smiling on the swing set.

Audrey on the spinney thing.

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