Saturday, October 25, 2008

Early Trick-or-Treating at the Zoo

Glamorous & Scary

The Zoo was having a trick-or-treat event today so we dressed up the kids and headed up the hill. (If you haven't guessed, we have a zoo membership and put it to good use.) Audrey is an ice princess this year and Kate is a clown. Audrey looked glamorous today and Kate... well, unfortunately she came out looking a lot like the Joker from the latest Batman movie - Scary!

Hello Princess!

"I'm gonna get you, so you'd better run!"

The zoo was ridiculously busy, but we waited our turn and ended up with some pretty full halloween buckets.

Ironically, Kate was scared of the dog, when I think it should've been the other way around.

While we didn't make it a point to see any animals, the girls did get to pet this Dragon lizard and touched a Madagascar Hissing Cockaroach.

The trick-or-treating took its toll on the girls and both of them passed out on the way home. We're excited for Jenny and her kids to come down next week and do some more trick-or-treating!

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