Thursday, September 4, 2008

Utah State Fair

Opening Day

This year we bought wristbands and went ride crazy. Sarah had to sit out, being pregnant and all, so most of our photos were taken by her. Here's where we began and ended our State Fair visit, at the Ferris wheel.

Peek-A-Boo Audrey, I see You!

Believe it or not, this ride made me sick to my stomach. Audrey had us really spinning!

Here are the only animals we saw this year. A donkey and some horses.

I got in trouble for taking this shot. You were supposed to pay $6 - $8 to be able to take a picture of your kids actually riding the miniature horses!

Audrey's attempt at climbing the fun house steps.

Dad & Kate making our way through the spinning tunnel.

I think this was Audrey's favorite ride. Whipping you around each corner didn't appeal to me, but Audrey loved it!

Here's video proof.

This corn was absolutely delicious. Sarah bought them for the girls, but both of us managed to get a taste.

Kate scooping corn at the Little Hands Farm.

The girls actually got to milk the cow! They were warned to not pull too hard by the worker in the corner. Apparenlty a screw was loose where the utter was attached - common problem with fake cows.

The fake crops that the girls planted and picked.

Here are my future Future Farmers of America (FFA). Apparently Kate's hair will remain shorter than Audrey's in the future.

Dad & Kate on the slide.

Yes, this was as uncomfortable as it looked.

Kate was struggling to stay awake as we waited to board the Ferris wheel for our last ride of the night.

The girls enjoying their cotton candy on the way to the car.

There were a few tantrums during dinner, but overall we had a really fun night at the state fair. Audrey says she wants to come back next year. When asked if she had fun, Kate gave an enthusiastic nod. Here we are, the "bracelet buddies."

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