Saturday, September 27, 2008

Circus Saturday

The Greatest Show on Earth

This was our second annual trip to the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus at the ESA (Energy Solutions Arena). We had a fun time and the girls were entertained. However, we missed our favorite clown, Bello, from last year's performance.

Once again we had great seats and were able to enjoy the show up close and personal. Kate loved all the animals and clowns. Audrey was impressed with all of the stunts and acrobatics, even attempting some of her own from her seat.

Another fun family outing accomplished! It's always getting there that's the hardest part.

On our way back to the car I was asking Kate what her favorite part of the circus was. I named several of the animals and then she told me what I thought was "cow." I laughed and mooed for her, thinking, "There weren't any cows at the circus!" It wasn't until we reached the car and Sarah was asking Kate if she wanted to paint her nose red and be a clown for Halloween that I realized she was saying "clown" not "cow" (although in my defense her enunciation could use a little work)! Poor kid must have thought Dad was nuts thinking that clowns moo.

These were some of my favorite things from the circus.

7 motorcycles in this crazy contraption and no casualties!

You won't catch me in a cage full of tigers! And definitely not in this guy's get up.

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the hamms said...

That sounds like you had a ton of fun, but don't worry i cant understand anything my kid says. Glad to see you are doing well and are happy. I still remember my first year of girls camp and your mom was my counselor and we were the love bugs!!!